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Michael E. Christopher, Psy.D., Ph.D.


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I can help you learn how to change yourself and achieve greater happiness and peace of mind, regardless of whether you are suffering with a clinical disorder, or are simply having personal, professional, or relationship difficulties. Therapy starts with a relationship built on trust. But success in therapy takes more than trust, it takes learning the skills of clear thinking and good relationships. By practicing these skills with someone you trust while you talk about your concerns, you can learn how to increase your happiness and decrease your suffering.

I specialize in working with couples who want to improve their relationship, and individuals who have undergone traumatic events that may make it hard for them to maintain relationships with others, or understand the world as others see it. These experiences can destroy your happiness, but they can also help you develop a more profound understanding of yourself, others and the world.

In my practice I incorporate the latest biological, psychological and social research into the factors that impact human wellbeing and suffering. You learn how to combine this knowledge with your personal insights into yourself, in a manner that is practical and can be applied over and over in your life.

E. Rawson Glover, Psy.D., LMHC

Dr. E. Rawson Glover

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 808-734-3904

I approach the processes of change, growth and healing using person-centered, collaborative, evidence-based approaches with clients who seek to improve their lives and achieve optimal health and functioning. I am able to assist clients in addressing a broad range of issues such as clinical disorders, traumatic experiences, professional difficulties, and relationship concerns. My approach to therapy is practical and tailored to meet the needs of each unique client. I believe the patient is the expert on their own life experience, preferred approach to learning, and fit of therapeutic interventions.

I will bring forth all personal and professional resources that may be of value, especially those supported by research evidence. We proceed in the therapy process together and make adjustments as needed to maintain a trajectory toward growth and healing. We will also focus on therapeutic lifestyle changes outside of the treatment session (exercise, nutrition, time in nature, relaxation/stress management, religion/spirituality, giving back to community, social relationships). These therapeutic lifestyle changes are tailored to the individual in order to optimize therapeutic outcomes and improve mental/physical health.

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